The Club Evolution ARISES – Live Event


Join Shane Heins as he unveils in this inaugural event, the first of his CLUB EVOLUTION ™ Seminar series.

Prepare to embark on a “fitness journey” unlike ever before, as we delve into the depths of training with a tool both ancient and modern, primed to deliver an Evolution of epic proportions…

The Club is a tool that served as a means to SURVIVE, going back as far as the days of caves and sabertooth cats. Through it’s various incarnations over many millennia, it has gone from being used as a weapon, to a conditioning tool for warriors and soldiers, to an implement for promoting strength and health (as witnessed with Persian meels, Indian clubs and the more recent “iron clubs”; clubbells, power clubs, etc.).

Over time, as our pure survival needs continued to be met to an ever greater degree, the Club became a part of helping us THRIVE. Strength, mobility, power, endurance and joint health to name a few of the benefits, serving both high performance athletes and the general populace.

With the CLUB EVOLUTION ™, we take the next step. Now we utilize this enduring tool as a conduit to EVOLVE.

  • Embracing, enhancing and teaching all it has to offer in health, fitness and performance, while infusing the process with Heart.
  • For many, stepping into a sphere of movement not yet accessed. Movement that unlocks the door to a sphere of perspective, primed for connecting to the essential expression of that which resides at our very core.
  • We gain all the direct benefits of incorporating the Club into our training, while creating a “vehicle” for igniting our very Life Evolution.
 In this Level One, 2-day in depth training event of the CLUB EVOLUTION ™ Seminar series, we will be laying a foundation in fundamentals to ensure you:
  • train with the Club safely while properly maintaining sound structure for optimal, injury free results
  • understand the unique nature of the tool’s design and how to move with it efficiently
  • have a base of “swing” and “grind” basics from which more dynamic movements spring forth
  • engage the Club for FULL BODY dynamic effect
  • have the groundwork for taking not only your Club training, but your training/practice/workout in general to a whole new level
  • connect to deeper layers of meaning behind your training and how the CLUB EVOLUTION ™ can serve that
  • have a motivating, inspiring and uplifting experience
  • Oh yeah… and have fun while we’re at it!
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Shane Heins is the founder and owner of Dare To Evolve.