Cyclone Strength - A Club Flow Evolution Training Program

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A Fitness Program that Moves beyond just “Fitness”, Tapping into the Might of the Cyclone, Unleashing the Strength Within, Evolving Body, Mind, Heart & Soul… Do You Dare?


We often question ourselves.

We question whether what we have to offer the world is right or of value or if we even have what it takes to make it happen.

Cyclone Strength™ is just the tool you need to be able to face the storm of life and to still FEEL YOUR VALUE. Why? Because it will allow you to tap into the Strength of Conviction to stand by whatever you choose to achieve in this world.

At Dare To Evolve, our fitness programs are not just about losing fat or building muscle. While they are very effective at helping you do so, why limit yourself to just that?

Here we take it one notch deeper. One notch further. One notch higher. By giving you a means to take the you of today one notch beyond, to the grander you of tomorrow.


As a Club Flow Evolution™ training program, Cyclone Strength is a vehicle for developing that Strength of Conviction you are looking for, by anchoring it to the action of building ENDURING strength.


Cyclone Strength™
  • Cyclone Strength™ A Club Flow Evolution™ Training Program

    Is an incremental, 3 phase, 3 month training program.

  • Uses one single, heavy Club, two-handed (with sizes ranging from 15 lbs – 35 lbs).
  • Focuses on making big strength gains made through extreme range of motion, while moving heavy weight with heightened leverage disadvantage at close proximity.
  • Develops a heightened awareness of the space we occupy.
  • Is ideal for: Putting on muscle, activities that require repeated strength output (strength endurance) or complex maneuvering of equipment around your body in a confined space.
  • And to tap into the “RRrrrr!” inside.



Cyclone Strength is a program that gives you the attributes and body worthy of your utmost capacity.

Cyclone Strength utilizes the foundational principles of a revolutionary system and an innovative tool…

… to augment the development of strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, power and a metabolic (fat burning) blowtorch to give you the attributes and body worthy of your utmost capacity, living the vibrant life you deserve.

With Cyclone Strength you will:

  • Move through all 6 Degrees of Freedom that our bodies are meant to move in.
  • Master body awareness through mastering the most “inefficient training tool”.
  • Develop the super-strength that muscle is meant to support.
  • Torch the fat while drastically improving your ability to move.
  • Say goodbye to “I do a bit of cardio….because I have to.”
  • Say hello to pain-free training that will let you do more, gain more, live more!
  • Maximally recover through specific compensation and movement flows to release tension and maintain overall structural and muscular balance. Translation: Avoid injury!

Above all else?

  • Feel the fire light up inside as you finally tap into a program that frees you to access more pieces of yourself than ever before.

You are here to tear down the bars of debilitating imprisonment.

You are here to discover the gems within.

You are here to reach for the stars of your own life.

You are here to find the Flow within.


Cyclone Strength reflects the Hurricane. It provides the means to discover the Strength, Perseverance, Compassion, Mindfulness and Courage you have to face it.


Cyclone Strength™ A Club Flow Evolution™ Training Program


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Click Below to Download Immediately for just $74.99


Cyclone Strength™ includes:
  • Cyclone Strength™ A Club Flow Evolution™ Training Program36 Videos of step-by-step in depth instruction, explaining every step of your Cyclone Strength™ Journey.
  • 3 Months worth of Workouts and Programming, carefully programed to bring out the Serenity attributes you’ve kept hidden inside.
  • Multiple Programming Options for those who want to crank it out hard from the get go, or for those who need a little more time to ease into it.
  • 3 Phase Program Design to work your way from Basic Club Movements, into Club Combinations, and finally puts all the combinations together to unleash continuous Club Flows.
  • Implementation Manual laying out the entire program with clear instructions.
  • 2 Introduction Videos to inspire your journey and explain how the program works.
  • Cyclone Strength™ Training Materials includes follow along videos, warm up and cool-down videos, instructional videos and training manual.
  • Lifetime Cyclone Strength™ Membership entitling you to free updates for life.


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Cyclone Strength™ is a download-only digital product. Nothing will be shipped to you. Clubs are sold separately. The Course Manuals are delivered as PDF ebooks that can be opened with the free Adobe Reader, found on most computers. All the Cyclone Strength™ Videos are in iTunes video format and can be played on PC and Mac computers as well as portable devices, such as smart phones, iPads & tablets.


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