1-on-1, Personalized Online Coaching with Shane Heins
Special Limited Time/Space Offer!

  • The most challenging part is not the keeping going, but rather getting started. Or getting started again.
  • This coaching opportunity is here to serve as a powerful launching pad for consistent and sustainable action that will continue to serve you over your long term endeavours.
  • True to Dare To Evolve®’s mission, it is also not simply exercise. It is a ‘vehicle’, with me as your navigator, carrying you forward as you dare to drive your Life Evolution further.
  • Not a space for “maybe” or “kind of”. It’s a space for “Yes!” and “Let do this!”.
  • Whether you feel enthusiastically certain or uncomfortably challenged, if the echo resounding from the very Heart of you is saying “This is what I need right now”, then it is right for you, providing everything and more for the journey ahead.
  • Week 5 is not the end. Week 5 is just the beginning…

5 Spots. 5 Weeks.
August 4th – Sept 5th, 2014
Dare To Evolve!

Evolution Online Coaching
is Currently In Session.

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This 5 Week Online Coaching opportunity includes:

Dare To Evolve Ebook

Consultative Prep

We will assess where you are at, identify challenges before you, refine goals and lay out a defined plan of action to ensure not only a strong start, but a strong follow through!

Exercise Tutorials

Program Customization

We will optimally tailor your training to meet your goals, equipment availability, time constraints, life responsibilities, etc. and transform it into a ‘vehicle’ that supports it all!

Training Programs

Video Analysis

I’ll provide technique analysis and coaching of video submissions for further refinement of movement, including progressions and structural re-alignment exercises.

Dare To Evolve Community Forum

Live Consultations

One live 30 minute chat via Skype with me each week.

Dare To Evolve Insider

Nutritional Guidance

Taking the nutritional side of your journey to the next stage of refinement for greater energy, vitality and health.

point and click

Unlimited Email Support

Questions, epiphanies, uncertainty to address, inspiring moments to share? Whatever it is, you have unlimited email support from me.


Embrace the Call From Within.
Powerfully Launch Your Life Evolution!

Evolution Online Coaching
is Currently In Session.

For up to date announcements on the next available openings
Become a Dare To Evolve® Member (it’s Free)

Additional details:

How do the video chats work?

The chat for each week is scheduled in advance, to be done via Skype and to be used within that week. If an appointment is missed, it does not get carried into the following week.

I have a medical condition. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. You just have to make clear what the condition is, your doctor needs to be aware of our working together and what we do shared with him/her so they can inform us of any contraindications to your condition.

Do you offer refunds?

No. This is a commitment on both our parts. Once that commitment is made, we are going to see this through to completion. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Will the programming only cover the 5 weeks?

As this is meant to be a launching pad for you, I will outline everything for up to 3 months (including the 5 weeks) so you have a clear line of action to follow through on.

Do I have to submit video for technique analysis?

What you get out of this opportunity for us to train so closely together, is what you put into it. Making videos for analysis is not a requirement on your part for us to work together. But my services are here for you. Make the most of it.

How do the emails work?

Anything you need to ask, I’ll be here to answer. Ask away. I’ll get back to you within 24 hrs (at the absolute outside, to account for potential time zone differences), but you can expect a response much sooner than that.

Further questions? No problem! Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer them.