The Radical One Step Secret to Ultimate Transformation

Amazing, right?! That’s all it takes.

In this age of information overload, all the contradictory noise saying “HEY!!! Listen to us, we’re right! You have to do it our way or you are going to fall so far behind the curb, you might as well say goodbye to everyone you know and ship off to the Moon!! If you don’t, you’ll just get trampled on and crushed!”

Initially, if we haven’t yet started down the path to developing the skill of remaining serene in the midst of it all, it can make it very difficult to feel at rest. That important space required for actually hearing what it is we need. Not from any outside source. From within. Exactly what you need is sitting right there, just waiting to be actioned.

And all it takes to access it is the so called “Secret”. Secret because very few promote it’s incredible power. So simple it’s ABSOLUTELY radical. Feels as radical as flying to the Moon once was, doesn’t it? You know what? Let’s do it. Lets take a trip to the Moon.

Lets implement the Radical One Step Secret to Ultimate Transformation.
What was that?

Shane, you are talking to us like we already know what it is, but you haven’t told us yet.

I haven’t?!! But didn’t I… I was sure… sorry about that. I could have sworn… Well lets not go another moment without. It’s the Radical One Step Secret to Ultimate Transformation.

Okay. Great. We know that’s what we’re here for. So what is it?

That’s it.

What do you mean that’s it?

That’s the secret.

What is?

The Radical One Step Secret.


Yes what?

AAAHH!! Shane, stop it!

I’m confused. I keepppooooohhhh! Now I understand. My bad! Apologies for not being clearer. The One Step Secret is just that. The secret of One Step. Taking it one step at a time. So simple it can cause us to blow a fuse. I know. Radical.

Where were we? Oh yes! To the Moon.

In order to go there, we’re going to have to:

1. Disconnect from anything NEW.

Not forever. Just for the next month. Don’t bring anything new into your current network of already accumulated information and sources. I’m not saying forever. Just for the next month. Come on. I know you can do it. I have absolute faith in you. Come on. I Dare ya!

2. Pick what you are going to focus on.

Can be as simple as changing ineffective work habits, how you eat, how you use fitness to support your life evolution, sleep patterns, etc. Anything. But pick just one.

3. Of what you have available to you RIGHT NOW, choose what info, source or resource that you will use to support the focus.

Flying to the Moon can certainly be more efficient in a Rocket than flapping our arms. But choose what connects to you, speaks to you the most right now. THAT answer comes from you. Deep down, we all know exactly what we need.

4. Do it.

Commit to that one step and no matter what, don’t take anything else on. Nothing. You have extra energy and feel like you can do more, pour it back into your one step. Just for the next month. That’s it. 4 weeks. Do not progress anything else forward but that one, singular focus.

…I said it was simple, not easy.

But we are here not because it is easy. We are here because we Dare! It may seem ridiculous and like we aren’t getting anywhere. Like we are missing out on so much potentially beneficial info and resources we could be using to accelerate our results. And you would be right to feel as such. But we are not here to do it the way we’ve always done it before. We’re not here to be safe or comfortable.

Dare to go against the norm. Dare to say no in the face of Fear. Dare to be Radical. Dare to spark your transformation towards the Ultimate version of you.

Remember: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” -Neil Armstrong-

Dare To Evolve!


Shane Heins is the founder and owner of Dare To Evolve.

2 Responses to The Radical One Step Secret to Ultimate Transformation

  1. Hi Fearless and Entertaining Leader,
    You have excellent advice and better still you walk your talk.
    When working with clients who are already on overload, getting them to commit to one area of health is the ONLY way the will make lasting changes. And the success in one area breeds the confidence to conquer anything.
    Much love and keep the wisdom flowing.

    • Jolie, you and Jen have an unarguable key that is (surprisingly) still difficult to find from most: the right balance.

      And it is your sensitivity to life’s necessitating ebb and flow that gives you the ability to help others tap into theirs. Everyone working with you ARE applying the Radical One Step Secret. : )

      Love right back atcha!