Why a Plant Based Diet Could Change the World

So why exactly DID I go from a primarily Paleo diet to a Vegetarian/Vegan one? Good question.

Because there are of course many reasons out there to do so. Well lets touch on a few major ones that are commonly expressed:

    • Empathetic – not eating meat because of current, commercial meat production practices which sees animals suffering through immensely.
    • Environmental – not eating meat because the impact on the earth’s overall environment is quite significant, with clearing of land, use of fuel, fresh water, crops as feed and waste by-product needed for the increasing demands of a growing global population.
    • Economical – not eating meat because of the immense cost vs. return. The nutritional return from plants grown on a plot of land the size of X, is significantly higher than that of meat produced from the same sized plot, thus much cheaper and more sustainable for meeting the nutritional needs of people around the world.

And you know what? I agree. These are a reality and all very valid reasons for shifting to a plant based diet. They just make way more sense when we start thinking beyond ourselves. Even when I ate as much meat as I did and felt good on it, I agreed. Yet, I wasn’t subsisting on a plant based diet. Why? Because they weren’t strong enough reasons. They weren’t the motivations that spoke to the very heart of me.

Shane, you’re a pretty global minded guy. How could these significant global issues not be motivation enough to make the switch? Especially if you agree that they are? Oh wait! Why didn’t I think of this before. You missed the reason;  “not eating meat because of the superior health benefits living on a plant based diet.” 

While yes, it would make sense that I come at it from that angle, that isn’t the reason either. There are more than enough folks out there fighting about which is healthier: eating meat or not eating meat, eating grains or not eating grains, eating raw or eating cooked, etc. And each camp has a million and one studies that scientifically back each of their claims for optimal health benefits and the curing of the vast number of diseases we see assaulting us from every side. (Personally, I promote the one thing they all agree on: get away from eating highly processed, nutrient dead, chemical laden, heavily packaged food. Get back to whole foods.)

So if it’s not even that, then what? What Shane? WHAT?!


Literally. I want to foster, nurture and tap into greater depths of the  energetic reservoir we have the potential of accessing. So why now, you might ask. Because I’m ready to. I found the newest teacher to have presented himself at this time, with significant input in my life (just as we’ve talked about, they come in all forms and from all sources if we are open to receive them). And through a book he wrote, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” (by Dan Millman), his spark lit ablaze a shift, as I continue upon my path to reach for the greater heights of my potential, that I may be of ever increasing service to all of you.

It came in a simple line in the book, said to him by his mentor “Socrates”:

“To survive the lessons ahead, you’re going to need far more energy than ever before. You’ll have to cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant beliefs and open your heart to loving kindness.”

Being in a major transitional period in my life, these words jumped off of the page and slapped me upside the head. As part of working towards the above, Socrates has Dan go on a vegetarian diet as part of his means for generating that energy. And I asked myself: “Do I Dare?” Well, we all know that answer.

And I dare to explore the potential this has to serve me in my service to you, because it has the potential to do just that. We all have “causes” which we feel especially passionate about. I think there would be something seriously amiss if we didn’t. But my cause is not saving the environment. My cause is not building a just economy. My cause is not abolishing poverty. My cause is not curing life threatening diseases.

My cause is: You.

Supporting and nurturing your journey to the greatest version of yourself. To your highest potential. To the discovery and fostering of your strengths and supremely unique gifts, that are of the greatest value to the rest of your fellow man. I do so, with the devout belief that much of what we fight for now will begin fall like dominos, at an ever increasing rate.

And I’m going to need to ensure I’m tapping into all the energy I can in order to fulfill that cause, to the best of my ability, to the very lengths my potential capacity will reach.

Reach deep within.
Connect to the heart that drives you.
Adopt that which will help you to express your passion and service to the best of your ability.
Dare To Evolve!


p.s. Highly recommend “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman (if you haven’t read it already. If you have, I highly recommend you read it again ;D). Great read, with universal principles and concepts shared in a very potent way.


Shane Heins is the founder and owner of Dare To Evolve.

3 Responses to Why a Plant Based Diet Could Change the World

  1. Nice Shane, I’ve read the book before, lots of great info and inspiration. I’m really interested in what you eat every day to get that full feeling. Great post as always.
    Thanks again.