The Wonder of Wolf Fitness Systems

Wolf Fitness SystemsThe wonder of Wolf Fitness Systems is the depth of heart with which they put forth their contribution to society.

It lays upon a foundation and a vision, championed by owner and founder John Wolf,  of interconnectivity, support and service to all those they come in contact with. Under his guiding hand, it is nurtured with the utmost care and fuelled with unrelenting energy by the incredible team John has put together. As Wolf Fitness Systems, they melt any ice of doubt, break down the walls of our uncertainty, warmly embrace our true selves and breathe refreshing life into our own ongoing journeys.

I have had the absolute blessing and honour of knowing and working with John and the Wolf Pack for a number of years now. The impact of which is felt each and every time I’m “on the ground” with them; that comes home with me every time I leave.

Wolf Fitness SystemsOne of their focuses, which continues to grow with great success, is to be a hub of ongoing education and community for all looking to take not only their fitness, but their lives, to a whole new level. I have both attended and taught events hosted at their studio in Salinas, California. Most recently they hosted my Club Evolution: Level One, 2-Day transformative club training seminar. To bring this content for the first time to a place that I consider my second home, supported by those that have taken me in as family, was very special.

And that is part of what makes it so special, because you feel like you are at home, with family. Everyone who comes in contact with them feels it (as reflected here by some of those in attendance):

“Training, learning, sharing, connecting, opening, grounding , supporting, absorbing, redirecting, evolving, daring….and a whole lot of BBQ. Thank you Shane Heins for making it happen & John Wolf & Pack for the amazing hospitality.”

~ Paula G., Santa Fe, US ~

“Thanks for a Fantastic seminar Shane. And thanks to John Wolf & Crew for bringing this exciting material to us. It was a pleasure to work with everyone as well. I will look forward to evolving to the next level.”

~ Neal M., Salinas, US ~

 They are not a wolf pack of the few. They are a wolf pack of the whole. Their definition of “pack” is not limiting and is as expanding as the numbers that continue to be embraced by this truly forward thinking, empowering group.

It is said there is a revolution underway in the world of “Fitness”. While it is gradually coming to fruition, Wolf Fitness Systems is leading the way in what it means to be a community within that world, reaching outside even those bounds. Walking a path of acceptance, sharing the power of the whole.

If there is a revolution underway in the world of fitness, then Wolf Fitness Systems is an absolute Revelation within it.

My deepest gratitude to John and the Pack, for everything.

Dare To Evolve,


Shane Heins is the founder and owner of Dare To Evolve.