(Giveaway) Transitioning to a Healthy Diet

One of the greatest obstacles to transitioning into eating healthier are… the healthier diets themselves!

Often times the extremes presented on the best eating practices to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy and clear our systems of chronic health issues are just that, too extreme. Not too extreme in and of themselves, but rather to extreme for where we are at.

Food is a very touchy subject for most and rooted very deeply: physically, emotionally, culturally, socially.

That’s why I created an E-book to get you start towards discovering ever increasing degree’s of optimal eating practices. Straight forward and simple, progressive and practical.

“The nutritional guide to @Dare To Evolve’s “Clubbell Mass Evolution” is the most sensible 11pgs on nutrition I’ve read in a fitness product.” -Duff M.-

As I continue to expand and evolve my eating and diet practices, I wanted to ensure you had an opportunity to do the same, wherever you may be starting. I’m giving the Dare To Evolve Nutritional Start-Up Guide (E-Book) away for FREE with the upcoming monthly Newsletter that the Dare To Evolve Insiders receive (goes out this Friday, Oct 26th).

To get your copy, simply enter your email in at the top of the home page. You’ll also receive your complimentary copy of: The Heart of Evolution: 5 Simple Steps to Radically Evolve Your Life!

How about that? 2-for-1!

Dare To Evolve,


Shane Heins is the founder and owner of Dare To Evolve.

One Response to (Giveaway) Transitioning to a Healthy Diet

  1. Hi Shane,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai (happy year of the water snake)

    I was wondering if the Nutritional Start Up e-book was still available.

    I’ve Been kinda out of it… I didn’t read the newsletter for a while, and your site’s feed didn’t update automatically, and did I mention that the dog ate my email???

    Anyway, just wondering.

    Yours in lame excuses…